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C.E.C., Church of Unitology

"Death is not the end..."
—Warren Eckhardt[1]

Warren Eckhardt was the Executive Director of Colonial Mining Affairs for Concordance Extraction Corporation and the primary antagonist of Dead Space: Extraction.


Little is known about Eckhardt's early life other than he was a Concordance Extraction Corporation executive and a high-ranking one at that – Eckhardt was trusted with some of the company’s biggest secrets. He was sent to the USG Ishimura to oversee some business aboard the ship and Aegis VII.

The Second Aegis VII IncidentEdit

Eckhardt was on Aegis VII during the Necromorphs' attack. He was found by Nathan McNeill, Lexine Murdoch and Gabe Weller after one of the colony's shuttles crashed and destroyed all of the remaining shuttles. Fortunately, Eckhardt informed the three that he had his own private shuttle and joined them in reaching his transport.


Some time after boarding the Ishimura, Eckhardt was revealed to be a devout Unitologist and was responsible for seeding the ship with his fellow church followers. However, his real intention for his presence on Aegis VII was to find Lexine Murdoch who is immune to the Marker's influence that plagued human beings with dementia and possibly schizophrenia and Lexine can protect others and herself from this. Warren learned why the Church realized that Lexine is that person as he and the group did not experience hallucinations whenever she was with them.

He attempted to hide his faith from his fellow survivors to the extent that, when he was left alone with Catherine Howell, who knew of his faith, he allowed her to be killed by a Drag Tentacle. He then lied about her having sacrificed herself to save them, lest she reveal both this fact and that he was responsible for ensuring that the Unitologists made up a large percentage of the Ishimura's crew. Weller discovered Eckhardt's secret which prompted the executive to shoot him in order to cover his tracks. Before he was able to reveal any further details of his plans to Weller, Eckhardt was attacked from behind by a Leaper and was mauled to death.

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Eckhardt is a fairly caring man, but is no fighter. He has a certain higher air to himself, often citing his "executive clearance" and talking down to lesser CEC personnel. When things went awry, he tended to blame others for his shortcomings.


  • Warren has appeared in almost all of the promotional material for the game, but he was not named until the "Character" video.
  • The first letter in the name of each of the game's chapters spells out, in order: W.A.R.R.E.N. L.I.E.S. This forshadows the fact that Warren was a Unitologist on a secret mission, and he switched out most of the Ishimura's crew with Unitologists. He also lied to Gabe Weller regarding Catherine Howell's fate.
  • Jon Cartwright voices Eckhardt, with who he shares a strong resemblance.
  • It is known that his rank is Overseer as shown in Chapter 8: In the Hearts of Men, in a radio transmission from him to the Church. He's obviously very much trusted by the Church, seeing as they sent him to recover Lexine Murdoch, which is also revealed in the same transmission.
  • He appears in Dead Space 2 in the Previously on Dead Space video, but only once.



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