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"Just... following... orders..."
—Victor to Gabe as he detonates his grenade[1]

Col. Victor "Vic" Bartlett is a security officer on the Sprawl, acting as both Gabe Weller's superior and the primary human antagonist in Dead Space 2: Severed.


Little is known about Victor prior to the outbreak beyond his role as the leader of Security Team Alpha[2], as well as its only survivor at the introduction of Severed.

Action on the SprawlEdit


The first to reach the surface after escaping the mines, Victor urges Gabe to escape before he's overrun by the Necromorphs. On his way to the surface, Gabe overhears the order given by Hans Tiedemann to eliminate "key subjects" on the station. He contacts Victor about the orders and receives Victor's help in reaching his wife, Lexine, unsolicited. Victor tells Gabe he'll pick him up in a shuttle on the surface and take him straight to the hospital.

Gabe reaches the surface and Victor attacks him in a gunship. He tells Gabe that he only attacked him because Lexine is on the list of persons to be terminated and he doesn't want him to interfere. After Gabe damages his gunship, Victor heads to the Medical Center in the hopes of reaching Lexine first.

He monitors Gabe's RIG conversations with Lexine, who is hiding within the ravaged hospital. Victor tries repeatedly to discourage Gabe's rescue effort by revealing information on his and Lexine's status within a project known as "Project Oracle", primarily the importance of Lexine's pregnancy to EarthGov. Victor ends up reaching her first by locking onto her signal. He successfully captures Lexine moments before he's incapacitated by two men in white who kidnap her. Victor is left unconscious on the floor of the hospital's asylum, his RIG blinking and in the red.

During Gabe's attempt to hack into the shuttle bay doors to allow Lexine to escape in their shuttle, a wounded Victor reappears, the left side of his face badly damaged. He grabs Gabe and tries to kill him with a grenade, but takes most of the damage himself. As a result of his proximity to the grenade, Victor is killed by the blast that mortally wounds his sergeant.

Spoilers end here.

Death SceneEdit

When Gabe is grabbed by Victor as he pulls the pin on a live grenade, they will fight for control of the explosive in a quick-time event. If the player fails the quick-time event, Victor will place Gabe in a headlock and they both die in the grenade blast. If the player is quick enough, however, they can catch Victor's smile as the camera zooms in on his and Gabe's faces before the grenade explodes.


  • When he appears carrying Lexine away from the Oracles, Victor is aiming a Plasma Cutter at them, rather than the Pulse Rifle he was carrying previously. Why Victor would have been carrying a Plasma Cutter is unknown.
  • On the right chestplate of Bartlett's cuirass is a nameplate with the words "K.Wilson" on it, leading to speculations that this was not originally his armor, but was salvaged from this "Wilson" individual.
    • Another plausible reason was that K.Wilson was his original name before being changed by Visceral Games.



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