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Vera Cortez
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Earth (Central American sector)

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CEC, Church of Unitology, P-Sec


Vera Maria Alejandra Cortez was a P-Sec officer and Unitologist. She was paired with fellow P-Sec officer Sergeant Abraham Neumann.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Vera Cortez was born on Earth to a poor family in the Central American sector, the youngest of five sisters. When she was twelve, her father was killed by street muggers, and her mother turned to Unitology for comfort. Soon the whole family were devout, and Vera has been a believer ever since.

Vera joined the local police as soon as she was old enough, but experienced so much sexual harassment and gender discrimination on the job that she quit and moved to the United States, finding work as a private security guard. Bored with the unsociable work, she applied to CEC for work in P-Sec and was taken on as a standard security officer.

Her diligence and perseverance paid off, and within a few years, Vera made detective. She is intensely proud that she got there through hard work and merit and brooks no disrespect from the multitude of veteran ex-cops that work P-Sec.

In private, Vera credits her success to her Unitologist beliefs, but while she doesn't deny her faith, she also doesn't shout about it. Most of her colleagues have no idea she is devout.

The Second Aegis VII Incident Edit

She first begins to exhibit insomnia in Episode Two of the comic, which forces Neumann to cover her shifts for her. After being confronted about her being late to work by Neumann and a small argument thereafter she kicks him out of her apartment. Later on in the episode, she joins in on a small prayer group near the Red Marker, led by Deakin Abbott. Around the same time, Neumann and Dr. Tom Sciarello go to investigate the Red Marker, Neumann is outraged when he sees her in the prayer group and attempts to take her in and book her for a Psyche Evaluation. However, Abbot and Natasha's security group discourage him and tell him to leave.

Death Edit

"Don't worry Bram. See you...soon."
—Cortez's last words

By episode three of the comic, it is clear that Cortez has been completely swept up by Abbot's sermons. This is the last time we see her alive in the series as she and 51 other people, including Abbot, commit mass suicide due to interpreting the screech when the Marker was removed as the voice of God. Her corpse, along with the other suicide victims, is then moved to the Colony "morgue". Presumably after the planet crack at the end of episode four, the Necromorph biomass has made its way into the morgue, promptly infecting and reanimating the corpses, the majority of which travel to the main comm needle and form an organic "blanket" over it.

Cortez corruption

Cortez being consumed by the Corruption.

When Neumann and Marla Janssen enter the main comm center, they discover a massive wall of merged Necromorphs. To Neumann's horror and disbelief, he notices that part of the wall still has some of the faces of its victims, one of which belongs to Cortez.

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