Graphic Uxor

Uxor, viewed from USG Perseus.

Uxor was an EarthGov colony planet and the location of the Marker Shroud 4.[1]

Necromorph outbreakEdit

The Circle, led by Jacob Arthur Danik launched an attack on Uxor to "liberate" the Marker underneath the Shroud 4, destroyed the facilities and surrounding structures, which exposed a Red Marker. The Marker subsequently activates and unleashes a surge of electromagnetic energy powerful enough to shut down the flight control system of a ship in orbit, which crashed near the residential district. A Necromorph outbreak ensues following the activation of the Marker and began attacking the survivors. By the end of Liberation, Uxor was completely lost and its inhabitants killed/infected.

Known inhabitantsEdit


  • Uxor has a mass of 5.9736x1024kg and a mean radius of 6,371km making it, oddly enough, a planet of the same size and mass as Earth.
  • Uxor means "wife" in Latin[2][3].


Sources Edit

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