Can a Necromorph think independently? Seeing as the Hive Mind seems to control them, one might disagree. However, cutting off a Necromorph's limbs may not only dismember it physically, but also mentally. The Hive Mind controls Necromorphs until their limbs (specifically the ones that bear the weapons) are cut off, therefore rendering it useless to the Hive Mind, which then releases control (i.e. the Necromorph "dies"). This also brings to mind a question of how the Hive Mind is created (sort of a "chicken or egg kind of thing). Anyway, to conflict this theory are two points of interest: the achievement for defeating the Hive Mind is called "Mindless Prey," suggesting that the Hive Mind is not the supreme Necromorph. Also, if the Hive Mind is dead, how did the Necromorphs get on the Sprawl? This goes back into the question of whether or not Necromorphs are independent thinkers. I would like to hear your ideas. (This blog was written from an autistic mind on a blackberry phone, please forgive any spelling errors, grammatical failures, or disruptions in the space time continuum)

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