Well, I got this whole idea for this fanfic over the summer when I wrote the "first" First Contact, found here.

Well, while I liked it at first, the idea kinda failed on me. I think it was to actiony, and less scary. So, me being myself, I decided to write a new and improved one.

So, pretty much what your about to read is the newer First Contact. I should warn though, it, like it's former, is a Zoids and Dead Space cross over (given I like to make cross overs with Dead Space), so some things may, or may not, be a bit confusing. Though once the Necromorphs appear, it'll be easer to understand.

So, without further a do, I present to you, First Contact (sorry if you guys find it cheesy):

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------First Contact

Chapter one

For Van, this past week had been something of an excitement. First off, he found Zeke, his Organoid, and his Zoid, the Shield Liger. Along with these two, he also found a mysterious girl, Fiona. Moreover, not even a day after finding them, his village had been attacked, and, he had to go rescue his sister. In addition, after that all, he had left his village to go explore the world. Quite a excitement for fourteen-year old boy.

Now, back in the present, the Shield Liger ran through the wastelands, next to the setting sun. Following to the side was the small, silver Organoid, Zeke. Inside the cockpit of the Shield Liger, the young pilots, Van and Fiona, were growing tired.

"Van" Fiona yawned. "I'm tired."

"I know, I know." Van replied, piloting the Liger.

"Can we stop and sleep then?" Fiona asked, rubbing her eyes.

"No, we can't." Van replied, eyes scanning the horizon for any threats

"Why not?"

"Because, this is bandit territory."


"So… we can't risk stopping in the open and sleeping." Fiona only huffed at this with annoyance.

"Well, what about a village then?" Fiona asked, causing Van to sigh.

"Fine, if we come across a village, I'll see if we can spend the night."

"Yay!" The blonde said, sleepily. Van just sighed, and returned his gaze back to the horizon. Van was right. This area was a bandit territory, and staying out in the open was risky, as they could be robbed, or worse. For Fiona, still being "new" to the world, she really was not caring about the whole threat of bandits, and just wanted to sleep. Seeing as Van was at the controls of the Liger, and the sun was casting long, knife like shadows over the ground, she decided to rest her head on the hand, and looked out the cockpit window. All she saw, of course, was the endless wasteland, full of shadows, and a sleepily setting sun.

Fiona sighed, and laid her head on the cockpit window, hoping to catch some, bumpy, sleep. As her eyelids descended over her red eyes, a small group of buildings in the distance caught her, almost, covered eyes.

"What's that?" She sleepily asked.

"What's what?" Van replied, eyes still fixed on the horizon in front of him.

"That." Fiona replied, pushing her head away from the window, and pointing at the buildings. Van brought the Liger to a stop, at looked at the direction of Fiona's finger. Squinting, he soon shouted "A village!"

"A village, are you sure?" looking at the small silhouette of buildings next to the setting sun.

"Yup. That be a village if I ever saw one." Van said, turning the Liger to the left, and running towards the village. Zeke, a bit confused at the Ligers sudden change of course, quickly sprinted after it.

"Van, can you slow down? Zeke is trying to keep up." The small blonde said, leaning over and tugging at Van's shoulder, while watching the small, silver raptor trying to keep pace with the massive Liger.

"Oh, um sure." Van said, pulling the brakes back a bit, allowing Zeke to catch up with the Liger. "Sorry bout that, buddy." Van said over the Liger's radio.

"Kyweeeee." was Zeke's response, as he waved his right arm, meaning that it was


"Good." Van replied, turning his attention away from Zeke, and back to the controls.

"Kyweeeee!" Zeke said in reply, as he kept pace with the Liger, his eyes fixed on the "growing" village in front of them. Soon enough, Van said,

"We're here."

"Good." the small blonde said, stretching. Van, as well as giving a stretch, began to scan the village, as the cockpit of the Liger rose. "Where is everyone?" he muttered.

"What was that?" Fiona asked, undoing her seat belt.

"Um, nothing. But lets leave, place is deserted, and giving me the creeps." Van replied, as the setting sun made the building cast long, square shadows all around.

"But we just got here!" Fiona moaned.

"Ya, well, I wanna go."

"But I wanna sleep!" Fiona said, pouting.

"Ya, well, everyone is gone for a reason, so let's leave to." Van replied, giving uneasy glances at the shadows. "They might not be gone." Fiona replied.

"Oh ya, what do you suggest?"

"Um..." the blonde thought about this, "maybe they all went to bed early."

"Ya, I doubt it. Besides, if your so tired, you can sleep in the Liger." Van replied, as his black eyes caught the glimpse of a hunched over figure dart from the shadows to the back side of a building.

"It's to bumpy." Fiona's voice broke Van of his train of thought.

"Oh, um, huh? Oh, right, right. Well, to bad."

"But I wanna stay!"

"Well, tough, I'm the pilot here, so what I say goes!" Van replied, his annoyance and tone both increasing.

"But I wanna STAY!" Fiona replied back, raising her tone as well. Van grumbled in response.

"Fine, YOU want to stay? Fine, do so. But don't come crying to me when bandits come get you!"

"I won't." Fiona said, stubbornly.

"Fine." Van replied.

"Fine." Fiona replied, jumping down from the Liger. Being uncoordinated as she was, she landed face-first on the ground. Van just began to laugh.

"Wanting to stay now?" He said, laughing and pointing at the fallen Fiona. Fiona, trying to think of something to say, sat up, and looked at her arm, were a nice, 2 inch gash had found itself a home, and the crimson red blood began to pour out from the wound. Fiona cried. Van just shook his head at the sight of Fiona sitting on the ground brawling her eyes out over the gash. "Stop being such a cry baby." Van ordered, as Zeke walked up to Fiona's side and nudged her.

"B-bu-but it hurts!" Fiona said in tears, and Zeke began to gently pat her back.

"Cry baby." Van mumbled, as he reached for the first aid kit that was under his seat. Jumping from the Liger, he approached the crying Fiona. "Quit crying and show me the cut." Van ordered, as Fiona stuck her arm out, showing Van the gash filled with blood. "You are such a wimp. Now hold still." Van said, taking Fiona's hand, and sprayed anti-bacterial on her arm. She cried out in pain, and Van just rolled his eyes. Placing a band-aid over the gash, Van sighed. "Feeling better?" Fiona nodded.

"Ya.." Fiona began to say, as her sentence was cut short by a loud, and deep bellow that echoed around the empty streets, and finding it's place at the trio, then ending. Zeke rose his head in alert, and began to scan around. Van and Fiona did the same. "W-what was that?" Fiona asked, a bit shaken by the noise.

"I-I don't know." Van replied, only hearing the sounds of the winds rustling through the deserted village.

"Should we go look for it?"

"No." was Van's response. "We have no idea what the sound came from."

"Maybe a tuba?"

"No, I don't think it was a tuba." Van replied, as his palm met his face.

"Then what?" Fiona asked, tilting her head some.

"That's what I don't want to find out." Van hastily replied.


"Because we're in bandit territory, and the source of the sound could pose a threat to us."


"I-I don't know. Look, I don't want to play 20 questions with you every time I say something." Van replied, annoyed as usual.


"Because." he hissed at her.


"Kyweeeee." Zeke said to himself, watching the two teenagers argue. Zeke's chain of thought, however, quickly found focus in the setting sun. As of current, only the tip of the sun was visible, and with out it's light, darkness began to creep upon the village, devouring it in long, dark, shadows. Zeke, in a bit of worry, looked at the slowly approaching darkness, not paying head to the two young one's argument. As his eyes looked into the shadows, they quickly drew the outline of a hunched over figure that appeared to be holding on to something with each arm. Being dark out, Zeke couldn't make out the figure at all, but he could clearly see two bright, glowing, yellow eyes.

Zeke began to growl, and the creature began to slowly, in a observing manner, retreated to the core of the shadows.

"What's wrong Zeke?" Fiona asked, with a smile on her face. It appeared that she had won the battle of wills with Van, as Van was heading back to the Shield Liger, and mumbling something about Fiona outsmarting him.

"Kywaaaaa!" Zeke said, pointing repeatedly into the shadows.

"Why yes Zeke, it is dark." Fiona replied, as Zeke shook his head, and pointed stubbornly into the shadows. "Yes Zeke, that's called darkness. It happens when the sun gets sleepy." Fiona replied, trying her best to describe what creates shadows and such, as Zeke's palm met his face.


"Um, ok." Fiona said, looking back at the Liger. "I'm going to see Van, k?"

"Kyweeeee." was Zeke's only response, as the blonde happily skipped over to Van and the blue Liger. Zeke, sighing, gave one look back into the shadows, and only saw the pair of bright, glowing, yellow eyes.

Chapter 2

At the Shield Liger, Van was barley able to see, let alone see the small flashlight he had placed in the Liger. "Man, it's dark, I can't see a thing." Van mumbled, as his hand felt the cylinder shape of the flashlight. "Found it!" Van said with glee, grabbing it, and jumping down from the Liger. "Now, lets get it turned on." Van said, as he clicked the small switch on, lighting the way in front of him. The first thing he saw, of course, was Fiona.

"Hi Van!" she said, right in front of his face. He leaped back, startled.

"F-Fiona?" he said, in his usual "fear stance".

"That's me." the blonde said, smiling. Van released from his stance, and sighed.

"Well, don't sneak up on me like that again!" he barked at her, and heading into the darkness.

"Ok." Fiona said, following him. It was quite dark out, and clouds had begun to form overhead, covering the darkness from the light of the moons and stars. After a moment of walking, Van released something.

"Say, where's Zeke?" he asked, as a silver object leaped out in front of the two and growled. "Aiiiiieeeeee!" Van yelled out, returning to his "fear stance". Fiona just giggled.

"Hi Zeke!"

"Z-Zeke?" Van asked, still startled. Zeke nodded, and laughed a bit, only to receive a fist punched into his face.

"Kyweeeee." Zeke said, rubbing his snout, as Van shook his hand, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in his hand.

"Van, be nice to Zeke!" the little blonde said in a pout/order.

"Don't blame me, he started it." Van replied, pointing at Zeke.

"Kywaaaaa!" Zeke said in response, pointing at Van in return.

"Me?" Van said, taken aback by the pointing Organoid. "You jumped out at me!"

"Will you two stop!" Fiona soon yelled at the two, startling them, as Fiona was generally low-to-mild temper. "I don't care who did what, but I wanna sleep!"

"All right, all right, calm down." Van said, returning to the flashlight in front of him. "Look, let's just find a place to sleep, ok?" Fiona and Zeke looked at each other, back at Van, and nodded. "Good." Van said, moving forward, Zeke and Fiona following from behind. With the flashlight, the darkness dissolved a little, at least enough to allow Van to see the path ahead of him. "Man, looks like a ghost town." Van said, looking back to see the little blonde and Organoid, staying close to each other, trembling.

"Van, I'm scared. I wanna go." Fiona said, holding tightly onto Zeke, and trembling. Zeke doing to same.

"Kyweeeee." Zeke commented in response.

"You were the one who wanted to stay here." Van reminded her, keeping his eyes fixed ahead on the small circle of light the flashlight gave.

"I wanna go now!" Fiona pouted.

"Tough, you wanted to stay, so we're staying. No buts."

"Butts? How do butts have anything to do with this?" the naïve blonde asked, as Van sighed again.

"Fiona, I said buts, not butts."

"Ooooohhhhhh." Fiona said, realizing the difference between buts and butts. A small sound quickly broke her factor of being safe, and she clung closer to her Organoid friend.

"Kyweeeee." Zeke said, patting her back.

"Thanks Zeke." Fiona smiled at him, as a howl startled the two, and they held quite close to one another.

"Bunch of babies." Van commented, as the group reached a small, two-story square building with a sign out front that read "Inn".

"Van, I think it's a inn." Fiona said, looking at the creaking sign blowing in the wind.

"Thanks Sherlock." Van sarcastically said, reaching for the door knob.

"Van!" Fiona shouted out.


"Knock first." Fiona ordered. Van just mumbled something, and gave a quick knock on the door. No reply.

"Hello?" Van replied, banging on the door a bit louder. Still, no response. "Guess no one is here." Van said, opening the wooden door, and tensing up. He was quite expecting for something to jump out at him, as he slowly, slowly pushed the door open. It creaked open, and Van flashed the flashlight into the interior of the building, gulping. Yet, nothing. He breathed a sigh of relief, and entered the inn, Fiona and Zeke following behind. All that the interior of the building had was a check-in counter with a small bell and log book on it, and stairs. "Yup, no one is here." Van said, as Fiona walked over to the check in counter.

"Hello?" she said in a loud voice, ringing the small bell, and producing a ringing noise that echoed through the whole building.

"Fiona, no one is here, quite ringing that bell." Van said, annoyed at the ringing sound filling his ears.

"Oh, ok." Fiona said, releasing her hand from the bell. Van just rolled his eyes, and headed to the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Fiona asked.

"Um, upstairs."

"Why?" Van just sighed.

"To pick out my room, and see if this place has a shower I can use."

"Ooooohhhhh, ok." Fiona said, following Van. "What's a shower?"

"A bath in which you stand up in." Van quickly replied.

"Oooohhhhhh. I like baths."

"I'm sure you do, Van grumbled, reaching the top of the stairs, Fiona and Zeke trailing behind him.

"Van, can I sleep with you?" Fiona asked, not heading to a large slash-mark on the wall.

"It depends. If you want to sleep in the same room with me, fine. But in the same room, no."

"Why not?"


"Because why?"

"Because it be wrong."


"Because we are not together." Fiona tilted her head at this, looked around a bit, and then back at Van.

"But aren't we?"

"No, we're not together."

"But wouldn't going around together mean we're together?"


"Then what does?" Van just stopped, sighed, and began to rub his face.

"Being together means we're a couple, in love, that sort of thing." Van replied.

"What's love?" Fiona asked, smiling, as Van gave a sigh of annoyance, and headed to a door.

"I'll explain later." he said, opening the door, and flicking on a light switch. In a flash of a second, electric light dissolved the darkness and shadows that were shrouding the room. With the lights on, Van could clearly see the room. It was quite plain, with a table, a chair, a window, and two beds. "Ah, two beds." Van said. "Guess you'll be able to stay with me."

"Ya!" Fiona cheered out, running to a bed, and plopping on it. "It's so warm." Fiona said, burying her head in a pillow.

"Alright, I'm going to shower." Van said, heading to the bathroom door, and shutting it. Fiona gave a muffled response. Soon, the sounds of running water caught the young Zoidians attention, and she walked over to the bathroom door, opening it, and finding Van in his underwear.

"Aiiiieeee!" Van yelled out, and turning red.

"What are you doing?"

"About to shower." he replied, annoyed. He then walked over to her, and began pushing her out, and locking the door.

"Um, ok." she replied, a bit confused on why Van kicked her out. Hearing the water still running, and not finding her answer, she decided to return to sleep. Returning to her bed, she saw Zeke looking out the window. "What you looking at?" she cheerfully asked, as Zeke remained quite. Then, without a word, he headed to the door, and left. Fiona tilted her head in confusion, but yawned. "I'm sleepy." she replied to herself, taking off her shoes, and heading to her bed. This time, however, she found a small creature standing still on her pillow.

This creature was a brownish-fleshy color, small, and almost disk shape, with the edges being "points". At each of these three points stood a tiny leg, with two toes. It may have seemed creepy to anyone else, but the naïve Fiona found it to be adorable. "Hi!" she said cheerfully to the small creature. It remained silent. "What's your name?" she asked it, and still, it stood, quite. "Hmm..." Fiona thought for a bit, and poked the center of the creature, making it "flip" over, it's means of locomotion, and to avoid the finger. Fiona giggled at this. "I think I'll call you... Mr Squishy!" Fiona said, swooping down to pick up the creature. The creature, not liking the hand picking it up, began to squirm around in Fiona's hands. Fiona giggled again, as the creature made her hand ticklish. The creature, growing more and more annoyed by the hand that held it, began to "bite" at Fiona with it's "toes". "Ow!" Fiona said, as the creature began to thrash about in her hand, tearing her glove and flesh. She gave a scream, and hurled Mr Squishy at the wall, where it collided with a "thud", and then slowly slide down, leaving a long, streak of blood with it. Fiona, not paying head to the sliding creature looked at her palm, which was torn, with blood building up in the center of it. Fiona began to cry again, and Van, soaking wet, and covered by a towel, walked out of the bathroom, unlocking the door.

"What is it now?" he huffed, annoyed.

"Mr. Squishy bit me!" Fiona cried, pointing at the creature, which was laying flat on the floor, legs twisted. Van gave a grotesque look at the creature.

"What is it?" Van asked, slowly approaching it, and then poking it, seeing it not move.

"Mr Squishy." Fiona said, holding her hands together, trying to keep the blood in.

"Ok..." Van said, picking it up by one of the legs. "I think, um, Mr. Squishy is dead."

"He is?" Fiona said, shocked and upset.

"Yup, sorry." Van said, opening the window, and tossing the thing out. Looking back, he noticed the blood stain, and the lose of Zeke. "Where's Zeke?" he asked, not really wanting to know why the blood was there. Fiona shrugged.

"He left." At this, Van just sighed.

"Well, let's go find him." he said, rubbing his hand through his hair. "I'll get dressed."

"Ok." Fiona said, looking at Van.

"In private." he quickly replied, heading to the bathroom, and shutting the door. However, he noticed, the shower was not running. "Strange, I had the shower still running when I left." Van thought, dropping his towel, and pulling on his boxers. Suddenly, the shower head began to shake and rumble. Van stopped, and looked at it. "H-he-hello?" he asked, startled.

"Hi." he heard Fiona say from the other side of the door, but not really listening to her, as he watched the shower head rumbled more, and a high pitch screech exited the shower head.

"What on Zi?" he thought, as the shower head finally broke off, and plummeted to the ground, making a large thud. Water began to shot from the open pipe, carrying brown things with it, and filling the tub, but soon it stopped. From the empty pipe popped a creature. It was small, brown, and looked like Mr. Squishy, but instead of toes, it had fleshy scythe like appendage on the legs. It jumped down near Van, and lifted it "front" side, as if to examine Van. Then, it gave a high pitch bark, and another creature, this time resembling Mr. Squishy, crawled from the water filled bath tub. Then another, and then another. Soon, a whole swarm of them crawled from the tub. Van, clothes in hand, tried to slowly walk away, but with a high pitch screech, the creatures began to charge him, at a slow pace of course. Van quickly fled from the bathroom, and shut the door, as multiply thuds sounder from the other side. Panting, Van quickly began to get dressed, as Fiona, who was sitting on the bed, looked at him.

"What are you doing?" she asked, watching Van pull his shirt down.

"Getting dressed, we're getting out of here."


"Why, you wanna know why?" Van asked, pulling on his shoes. Fiona nodded. "Because, there is a whole swarm of, "Mr. Squishies", and they are trying to kill me!" he said hastily.

"Ok..." Fiona said, pulling her boots on at a slow pace. Face it, she was tired.

"Come on and hurry up!" Van barked in a rushed tone, as more thuds were heard, and then, the lights died.

"Van..." Fiona said, walking close to him. There was a moment of silence, then, from outside the door came a low, muffled growl and moan. And from the bathroom door, came another thud, and a high pitch dark. Then, silence. Fiona quickly held tightly to Van, as they walked slowly away towards the window. With a loud thud, the swarm of small creature broke down the door, and then came the sound of hacking wood, as a long, thin, flesh-colored scythe broke through the door. Fiona began to scream in horror, as the thing from behind the door roared a loud, high pitch yell, and then moaned. Van, scared as ever, quickly took hold of Fiona.

"Hold on to me." he said, as Fiona wrapped her arms around him. With the approaching swarm, and the unknown creature moaning and hacking away at the door, Van took a step back, pulled Fiona's head close to his chest, took in a breath, and jumped back through the window. Fiona let out another scream, as shards of glass cut her and Van. Falling from the building, Van hunched his body over to shield Fiona, and with a loud thud, the two collided with the ground, Van taking most of the impact, and letting out a painful scream, and then blacking out.

"Van!" Fiona said, untangling herself from Van, and shaking him, as a disturbing, twisted, man-like figure appeared at the broken window, and roared at them, before retreating.

"Van, Van, Van!" Fiona said, as more roars, growls, and barks sounded throughout the whole village. She began to cry, as Van sluggishly opened his black eyes, and looked up to see Fiona crying.

"F-F-Fiona?" he asked, as a deep bellow sounded again, awakening him. He quickly jumped to his feet, and began to tremble. "L-let's go." he said to the crying blonde, and taking her by her hand. With the sounds behind them, Van and Fiona ran off into the darkness.

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