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    First Contact

    December 16, 2010 by Zoids Fanatic

    Well, I got this whole idea for this fanfic over the summer when I wrote the "first" First Contact, found here.

    Well, while I liked it at first, the idea kinda failed on me. I think it was to actiony, and less scary. So, me being myself, I decided to write a new and improved one.

    So, pretty much what your about to read is the newer First Contact. I should warn though, it, like it's former, is a Zoids and Dead Space cross over (given I like to make cross overs with Dead Space), so some things may, or may not, be a bit confusing. Though once the Necromorphs appear, it'll be easer to understand.

    So, without further a do, I present to you, First Contact (sorry if you guys find it cheesy):


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