Dead Space


Rules Too Survival & Conserving Ammo!!! My Strategy!

This Is My Way On How I Play Dead Space! I Been Using The Same Strategy Ever Since The 1st Dead Space Came Out back in 08 And It Has Served Me Well. Feel Free Too Comment Or Judge, It's Cool Guys...

Number 1! Always Have Your Cutter On You No Matter What Because One: It Is The Best Weapon In the Game And Two: It Has The Horizontal And Vertical Rotation.

Number 2! When Facing Necromorphs Like Slashers, Always Aim For the Legs. It Slows Em Down! Once There Down, Go For The Arms Or Head. For Leapers Go For The Arms...

Number 3! Always Use Stasis If You Get Surrounded By Dozen Necromorphs. Specially The Pack... Or The Swarm...

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