Dead Space


Dead Space 3 necromorphs my ideas and you'rs


The ripper is a former miner and wears the DS1 level 3 suit. They are semi-sentient in the fact that they can grasp

non-remote minig tools and try to beat isaac to death if one of their blades which is a different none arm appendage are cutt off.

If they still have the blade they will succesfully rip Isaac a new one.

The ripper also has enough intelligence to open doors and run to cover if damaged.

(Here comes a storyline idea!) Isaac's first weapon is a plamsa saw found near a dead ripper.

The ripper can only kill if both blades and at least one other limb are dismembered.

I'll upload my concept art to deviantart.

Second:Bio mass

The biomass is a mass of flesh and bone transformed into a scorpion like creature. It's head is a combination of 4 human heads and it has 3 limbs 2 arms used for walking and a third slasher arm as a weapon.

The only way to kill it is dismembering the weapon becuase it can be used as a lever for the Biomass to leap off.

The biomass can look like a pile of limbs and torsos as camouflage.

Third: Screacher

Not much of an offensive necromorph but stil dangerous it grows out of the corruption much like a cyst but if isaac steps on the corruption the screacher will emmit a shreek that alerts all the necromorphs in the area.

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