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    No R.I.G.? For shame...

    March 11, 2011 by Unit2357

    .Why does Isaac seem to be one of the only people who wear the full R.I.G. (environment suit& armor) in the two main games? Surely some of the other characters would have required the environment suit, at least, to access parts of the Ishimura& Valor, or the Sprawl, if not they may have at least considered it's use for safety's sake due to the increased armor.

    .On a different topic, what are your favourite R.I.G.s and do you think any new R.I.G.s should be included in DLCs? (not re-skins, I mean completely new designs).

    I personally am a huge fan of the Military and Security Suits (they make me feel like a Spasse Mahreen) but also of the R.I.G. system in DS1 where it seems that new pieces of armor are added on to the orignal template with ea…

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