So it's 4am, I've just recently finished revamping a page that desperately needed it, and so I'm rather full of myself at the moment because that's just the sort of person I am.

I've listened to "One More Time" on Ozzy's Scream album for the 48th time tonight in a row just for about 30 seconds in the entire song and something's been bugging me. No, it's not the music. Screw you, Ozzy is magical. It's the Line Gun. How does that thing work? It can't be just another plasma-based mining tool, it can slice through the legs of many Necromorphs and not stop until it hits the deck plating. It doesn't lose cohesion until it hits a dense metallic surface. So how does that work?! It's also not as fast as the cutter bolt, so there is also that... How?!

I've been mulling it over all day and I think I might have a solution that fits into canon. Projected gravity plane (as in the wood-working tool, not the multi-dimensional concept) carrying a length of ion vortex. The gravity plane drags the ion vortex (think of the spin on the vortex as either over-under or under-over, doesn't matter), and maintains cohesion while the vortex does the cutting using highly energized matter moving at very high speeds. Sheer effects would be like a circular saw, a very small, very powerful circular saw. As the ions slam into the matter they tear into it while the gravity plane just passes on through, pulling ions in from the periphery to maintain the cutting edge until either the ions dissipate, shed enough electrons as photons, or the gravity plane breaks down.

"But what about the deck plating?"

Yeah, that's the clencher. Maybe the gravity plane is configured to release if it detects a major shed in the electrons in the ion vortex? Like how a membrane of protein can be made to act smart without having a brain, or how a TV can show me something without actually having little people trapped inside. It's not intelligent, it's just made like that. Could be a safety feature. Detects the metal in a RIG, breaks apart. Ah, but that would only minimize injury instead of stopping it entirely... ah well! The hazards of working with high-energy physics in space!

Gosh, I'm a nerd.

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