Hello again community fan of dead space series:

My ideas (I take many ideas of silent hill games)

Carrion: results from cattle (cows, horse, sheep etc)

Needler: similar to puker (but this does not vomit, this attacks with claws)

Sepulcher: this is a combination of divider and grabber

Smog: this is the mobile version of the wheezer.

Now the flyer is an advanced version of the leaper.

Horror: this necromorph is a twisted combination of many bodies and corpses replaces the tripod.

The guardian now attacks with tentacles and proyectiles (idea based in flytrap) (not with pods)

The cyst also attacks with tentacles (how the cut flytrap)

The lurker is more big and with four tentacles.

people with dementia (how in the begining of dead space extraction)

The pregnant have a new skin, looks like a puker with a great stomach.

and your ideas?

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