Dead Space


If the aliens are the enemy? (Spoilers)

Tricell March 18, 2013 User blog:Tricell


1.- Tau Volantis is the source of the signal

2.- The physical appearance of the statues in the alien city

3.- The hallucination of Isaac reveals a group of aliens waiting for the convergence

4.- The patterns of the alien language and marker signals

5.- Awakened hallucinations with Carr have candles, markers and alien structures

6.- Earl Serrano was a intelligent scientist as Isaac "Engineer" and Nolan "Doctor", possibly had a marker blueprint in his head.

7.- Mahad prefer destroy everything before Serrano made something with the machine

8.- The black marker in the earth was a meteorite

9.- The alien race create thousands of markers

10.- and at the end... the machine was in "pause", incomplete! waiting for someone?

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