Hello again to the entire community, In my previous blog I discussed with you a lot about Necromorphs, but now I see that many of the comments are concerned about the ...hive mind!

Origins: for me the origin of the hive mind is a mysterious thing, Altman called creeper (younger version?), I think the origin of the hive mind, is the basis of all organic thing with infection corrupt (corruption affects all type of life). Once corruption is growing, come together to form a single supreme being ...the hive mind!

but a strange speculation changes all, in the first accident of Aegis 7 does not exist the hive mind, there was only one infector and leaper.

but I have a possible theory of the origin of the hive mind and necromophs, In the laboratory of Aegis 7, had an experiment with the virus made with the marker symbols, and this virus was grown in a biological sample from some unknown specimen (insects, arachnids), when the virus was fused with the DNA of this sample, the scientists were impressed (for cell growth and structure of this experiment) never seen before. Taken from Dead Space Martyr.

And now i ask you one thing: you have not noticed that all Necromorphs shaped insects-arachnids?

I guess it's correct, and now comes another question: the Necromorphs need a supreme leader? of course yes, the necromorphs needs a supreme leader, you have to ask because, as Necromorphs are made from insects, act and how they are organized, the hive mind then acts as the queen of a hive, and when the queen dies the swarm seek to replace, then, if the hive mind die Necromorphs also seek a replacement.

an example of what I speak: dead space salvage (new hive mind on the Ishimura?) This is after the disaster on aegis 7.

so in dead space 2 may receive the hive mind!...

Makes us whole again, thanks for reading this blog.

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