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Dead Space Aftermath, necromorphs unknown?

Tricell January 23, 2011 User blog:Tricell

Hello to all the community again.

all looking forward to the release of dead space 2 (more weapons, suits, necromorphs, scares, puzzles, characters, etc), but do not forget the release of the movie aftermath.

also, I made this blog to know that Necromorphs appear in this film (see the trailer).

I've seen are: slasher, lurker, ... ? (what are the other Necromorphs?)

Necromorphs are interesting in this film (a giant pregnant, a stranger necromorph with fairly long arms, a giant divider-brute, a Necromorphs that seem to be some small animals, and a variant of slasher) all in the two trailers of aftermath.

What you think of this issue, a fan of dead space?.

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