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Dead Space 2 "Analysis"

Tricell February 4, 2011 User blog:Tricell

Hello again comunity fan of dead space series:

This time I created this blog to analyze/discuss about dead space 2.

First: weapons and suits: dead space 2 have many good weapons and suits,

Weapon List: (javelin gun, rivet gun, detonator, seeker rifle, flamethrower, plasma cutter, pulse rifle, line gun, contact beam, ripper, etc)

Suit List: (vintage, advance, security police/government, advance, engineer, etc)

Qualification: 9/10 ( weapons and suits are not perfect, if they were perfect the fun ends)

Second: horror, action, survival etc

This game is category: survival - action 75% and horror (bloody, nasty, abominable) 25% ......(and 0% sex)

Qualification: 9/10 (the bosses of dead space 2, are very few (tormentor and the dementia/marker, just two bosses), but is rewared, with the intense survival-action in the game (problems, traps, puzzles, etc) and the horror (deads, nasty bodies and aliens, places etc)...............

Third: Difficulty......... 10/10 (this is madness)

And Fourth: Price (that depens on person) if you are fan..... for me qualification 8/10

what is you qualification, and comment about this great game?

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