• Tricell


    1.- Tau Volantis is the source of the signal

    2.- The physical appearance of the statues in the alien city

    3.- The hallucination of Isaac reveals a group of aliens waiting for the convergence

    4.- The patterns of the alien language and marker signals

    5.- Awakened hallucinations with Carr have candles, markers and alien structures

    6.- Earl Serrano was a intelligent scientist as Isaac "Engineer" and Nolan "Doctor", possibly had a marker blueprint in his head.

    7.- Mahad prefer destroy everything before Serrano made something with the machine

    8.- The black marker in the earth was a meteorite

    9.- The alien race create thousands of markers

    10.- and at the end... the machine was in "pause", incomplete! waiting for someone?

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  • Tricell

    Happy Necroween!

    October 29, 2011 by Tricell

    To all community ... a happy Necroween.

    Thanks for visited my blog.

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  • Tricell

    Dead space 3, new enemies?

    October 16, 2011 by Tricell

    Hello again...

    new necromorphs (My ideas):

    a mobile version of the wheezer

    a new abomination (as the brute, tripod, etc) (I think that the spider of dead space martyr....)

    new model of exploder (as the crawler, and the exploder)

    other corruption necromorph (as the guardian, cyst and the nest)

    A big lurker...

    And your ideas...

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  • Tricell

    Dead space 3, new areas?

    October 13, 2011 by Tricell

    Hello, I am Tricell:

    Tau volantis is a icy planet...

    new areas (my ideas):


    Hospital (great hospital)



    Goverment base



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  • Tricell

    Dead Space 3 - News

    September 27, 2011 by Tricell

    Logo of dead space 3

    Dead Space 3:

    Location: Tau Volantis (a icy planet)

    Characters: Isaac Clarke, Ellie, and new Jennifer.

    Enemies: necromorphs (possibly the hive mind returns)

    Suits: icy suit


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