Tormented Sufferer

aka 帝国の化学者

  • I am 男性
  • Tormented Sufferer

    I am Greedy. If a Necromorph carries even just a tiny amount of credit or just a microscopic fragment of a power node (seriously, I would re-assemble the fragments and make it useful), then I would grapple it and make it experience an extremely gruesome death, even more gruesome than the way Necromorphs kill human. My Greed has driven me into a massacre of madness, relentlessly slaying Necromorphs to satisfy my Greed that is always screaming and boiling with rage. I slain countless Necromorphs, without even taking notice that my Greed had transformed my humanity, my sanity into a relentlessly raging one who acts on the guidance of neither the Hive Mind nor the leftovers of my humanity and sanity, but driven by the guidance of my forever un…

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