• Theshawnotron

    This necromorph looks like a man sized blob of coruption. It starts of by growing out a tentacle and whack Isaac(or whoever the protagonist is) to stun them. Then it will go through a complete molecule reconstruction, and turn into a different necromorph.

    This is a boss idea. It looks like the slug, except it's yellow and has more tentacles. It was made by multiple pregnant bodies, so it can shoot out lurkers and crawlers. You kill it by shooting the yellow pods on its body. When there is only half of the pods left, it will pick Isaac up and he has to shoot 3 pods to make it let go. If Isaac fails, it will bring him closer to it and a group of lurkers will rip him apart.

    This was an infected body builder. It looks like a slasher except it ha…

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