Issac is kidnapped by an unknown crew member has an virus able to create a Necromorph Issac is given 2 choices:

(Good and canon choice)

Issac decides to sacrifice and test the Necromorph virus, as the virus preceeds, the virus proofs to be succesful, but as Issac is a Necromorph, Nicole and the unknown crew member is forced to kill him. Nicole has escaped, but the unknown crew member was killed before the Necro Issac Version was killed.

(Evil and alternate choice)

Issac decides to live and test the Necromorph virus to Nicole, as the virus proofs to be succesful, Nicole as a Necromorph, Issac is forced to kill the Necro Version of Nicole, which the virus came to be more stronger than believed. Nicole has became "THE NECRO KING" despite its little size, it cant be killed. Issac succesfully escaped.

Leave your answer in which would you choose, i had this idea from the game inFAMOUS in which you have Karma of Good and Evil. Anyway what do you choose?

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