One thing I love about Dead Space 2 and Dante's Inferno is being able to play the music on my XMB whilst playing. For both games, I put together a special playlist of songs to which I slay Necromorphs.

Intense Shit

When the shit hits the fan and becomes an all-out shitstorm of Necromorphs, these songs help me relax and concentrate on what really matters: dismemberment.

  • Evisceration Plague--Cannibal Corpse
  • Of Legions--Whitechapel
  • Frost--Enslaved
  • The Call of Ktulu--Metallica
  • Creeping Death--Metallica
  • All Nightmare Long--Metallica
  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites--Skrillex
  • Every single remix of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites ever--Skrillex
  • Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)--Skrillex
  • Cannibal--Statix-X
  • Electric Pulse--Static-X
  • Dead Embyonic Cells-Sepultura
  • Sewn Back Together Wrong--Dethklok
  • Laser Cannon Death Sentence--Dethklok
  • Bloodrocuted--Dethklok
  • More Human Than Human-Rob Zombie
  • Requiem--Lamb of God
  • No Love Lost--Carcass
  • Voices--Distrubed
  • Down With The Sickness--Disturbed
  • The Haunting--Testament
  • Mr. Scary--Dokken
  • The One--Elena Siegman
  • The Dash--Gary Schyman (BioShock Score)
  • The Engine City--Gary Schyman (BioShock Score)
  • The Joker--Steve Miller Band

Zero Gravity


These are the songs I play when floating and flying around in Zero-G enviorments.

  • Space Intro--Steve Miller Band
  • Spade Oddity--David Bowie
  • Ashes to Ashes--David Bowie
  • Moonage Daydream--David Bowie
  • Rocket Man--Elton John
  • Moonlight Sonata--Ludwig von Beethoven
  • Piano Concerto Number 1--Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsy
  • Trepak--Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsy

Story Songs

For specific moments in Dead Space 2, certain songs seem to make everything about slaughtering Necromorphs even more badass. Needless to say, there may be some minor spoilers.

  • Bad Religon--Godsmack--When you enter the part of the Titan Station Church of Unitology with the large female Tripod that knocks Isaac down and drags him across the floor.
  • Superbeast--Rob Zombie--During the elevator sequence in Chapter 7: Power From The Sun where Tripods attack from all sides.
  • Let's Go Sunning--Dinah Shore--When you have to go out into space and re align the solar panels in Chapter 7.
  • Behind Blue Eyes--The Who--Inside the Eye Poke Machine.
  • Countdown To Extinction--Megadeth--After the Convergence event at the Site 12 Marker begins and after the Eye Poke Machine. A great song to kill Tiedemann to.
  • For the final boss with Nicole and the Marker in your head there are a few fitting songs:
    • Release the Demons--Godsmack
    • Voices--Disturbed
    • Down With The Sickness--Disturbed
    • The One--Elena Siegman
  • When Ellie returns have the Marker is destroyed and Isaac rockets upward towards her gunship, there are a few songs I like to play:
    • Bat Out Of Hell--Meat Loaf
    • The Hellion--Judas Priest
    • Electric Eye--Judas Priest
    • Exiter--Judas Priest
    • I Believe I Can Fly--R. Kelly

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