• TheMadnessTheSadness


    Chapter 1: Prelude to a Nightmare

    "This is Flight Team EG-9 to Control. We have completed the flyby. There's nothing left; I repeat, Titan Station has been completely destroyed."

    "And the Marker?"

    "Negative. Nothing survived this, sir. Marker Site 12 is a total loss."

    "Pity. Recall all flights and return to base. The other Sites will have to pick up the pieces."

    She walked down the blood-lined hallway, stepping carefully over the corpses of the security guards. A wry smile crossed her lips when she saw it. Several holoscreens were positioned before a large chair; each video had been labeled "Marker Site". She crept slowly toward the chair, touched the arm, and casually slid into it. Her thin fingers hovered over the bright k…

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