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March 6, 2011
  • That horrible monkey

    I was thinking of some cool necromorph ideas and wondered if you like them. for now I'll start with my first one since I can't remember my other ideas. Just a thought I had. Do you have to be messed up in the head to think of these sorts of things?

    It looks that a melted pile of human tissue on the floor at first, but, once Isaac gets close enough, It springs into a 7-foot tall killing machine. It's muscle tissue is completely exposed, and some bones are visible. It's most prominent features, though, are it's limbs, as they are at least 3 times as long as Isaac's. They are extremely flexible and can stretch to amazing lengths. You can see it's entire skull and it only has a few bits of flesh still clinging to it. It's main attack is to whip…

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