Dead Space 2 Logo- Space

Why is the two there?

Now, for a while, the actual placement of the 2 in the Dead Space 2 logo has been nagging at the back of my mind. To me, it looks like it was placed purposely underneath the logo, but I've never sumarised a possible reason.

Until now.

Late last night, under the sheets of my devilishly warm bed, unable to sleep, my mind wandered onto the topic of Dead Space 2 again, and I had a sudden revelation as my meager chemistry knowledge came into my thoughts as well. I put 2 and 2 together (LOL) and realised the 2 underneath the logo was akin to the chemistry symbol indicating two amounts of an element in one molecule.

Now, my rudumentary chemistry knowledge could be incorrect in my discription, and any corrections would be greatly appretiated, but I do know that the 2 does represent two of an element. Now for my idea.

We know what Dead Space is. It's the field around the strange Markers, natural (At least to us) or manmade versions, that stop the effects of the Recombanant cells and tissue. But with the appearance of the 2 under the 'Dead Space', could it mean two dead space fields? Could it mean DS2 will feature two Markers?

If so, what does this mean for the story of Dead Space 2? Was a new Marker 'built' after the Red Marker was destroyed on Aegis VII? Or were TWO built, one for use, and one as backup for another catastrophy? Or did the Red Marker survive, and the original Black Marker make a return? What will it mean to the story, or Isaac?

My claims can easily be wrong, as Visceral could have simpily chosen to move the two into a different position for looks, or for other, unthought of purposes.

What ever happens, I'm sure we will all be pleased with Viscerals new trip into horror in Janurary.

Keep Dismembering! Tazio1 01:15, December 12, 2010 (UTC)

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