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Tazio1 April 6, 2010 User blog:Tazio1

Now, for a while, I've been interested in Machinima, and have been hoping to create my own series myself. Now, after much consideration and inspiration, I am planning on creating the Dead Space machinima series, ISAAC'S MIND!

If any of you are familiar with the several Half-Mind series' that are circulating YouTube, you would probabley understand what the series aims at, but for those in the dark, here's a quick run down of the idea.

Isaac's Mind is a comedy machinma series that follows Isaac, the unlucky engineer sent to the USG Ishimura, and has to find a way off of the ship by pressing a variety of buttons. The series puts me, Tazio1, as the voice and mind of Isaac as he travels through the levels of Dead Space, effectivley becoming a commentary guide through the game as Isaac, as he complains about the various oddities, coincidences and stupid behaviour of the Ishimura and it's quickley dissapearing crew. For a better idea on the concept, please have a look on YouTube at one of several of the Half-Mind series', such as Freeman's, Barney's, Shepard's, Felix's and Chell's Mind.

I'll do my best to make Isaac's Mind as interesting as possible, and if anyone wants, I would have some 'Lost Chapter' referances.

I think that's all I've got to mention about the series, and I'm hoping to have the first episode in a month or so.

Keep up the great work on the wikia, it's really flourished since I've joined. Keep it up!

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