Okay, okay, okay, I know a few of you are iffing and ahhing about the multiplayer, and that's a fair enough opinion. It feels, tacked on, and the developers know that. But, the developers also tried to make it a fun, team based experiance.

However, most reviewer sites that have played the multiplayer have felt it to be too simple, and too easy to die in the game, making it a respawn fest. That dosen't sound to fun. (Although, everyone goes gaga about CoD respawn fest, and scream bloody murder when they are killed during a streak. :) )

BUT I believe the reviewers are missing one of the crutial points about Dead Space Multiplayer, and that is Team-Work. Most of the reviewers have commented that they mostly went on a sort of lone wolf style while playing, and that probably effected the enjoyment of the game.

But, I think DS multiplayer could be great! All we need, every single player, is to play the games with friends, together, as a team, as either security or Necro. If you watched the multiplayer trailer, you'd see the security team had great success moving as one team, and at the same time, the necro's had a bloodbath with multiple claws swinging around.

This is the fun you could achieve online, and all you'd need to do is work together with your team.

But how can you do that with strangers? Simple, you don't.

What I am proposing, and it is up to you if you wish to participate, is to put our gametags down, for PS3 or 360, if we want to, on occasions, play the multiplayer game with people we know will work together, hopefully as a team.

This is far from a community effort, and shouldn't be considered a wiki project or anything of the like, but just as something to enhance multiplayer gameplay for any who wish it. (A.K.A. making the game fun and not tedious)

If people want, we can place our gametags down somewhere, in a forum, if you wish, and when the time comes, individuals can ask others on the same platform as them if they wish to play together on DS multiplayer.

Comment below. And, Keep Dismembering! Tazio1 07:30, December 16, 2010 (UTC)

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