Informal Introduction

This is Supertologist, and I have a serious manner to discuss with the community. On note of the recent vadalisms of Users:

  • Myself
  • And possible others from before...

I would like to call the attention of the Administration Team. Recently, (I am sure all of you, especially if your Profile was vandalized, are aware of the recent vandalisms) an anonymous Wikia Contributor (cough - PowerSeeker - cough) has vandalized many things including Profiles, Talk Pages, and Articles. And thanks to Subtank, I will not vandalize her Wiki. So to sum things all up, a once - was User by the name PowerSeeker has vandalized stuff. Now for those of you that did not know, now you have no reason to say you didn't.


As for the main reason of this Blog Post, is there any possible way to protect our Profiles? I noticed that PowerSeeker uses IP Addresses. So if we lock our Profiles to where only registered Users can edit, she will be forced to make an account. Now, after that, I have no clue, because I do not know how the system works. But for example, Subtank has their page locked from any edits made to it, and since Subtank is an Admin, he / she can unlock it and lock it as well.

So is there any way to protect our Profiles?

Supertologist (talk)

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