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Hey guys, this is Supertologist. So I've been wondering, there is a strong chance Dead Space 3 will have Multiplayer. And if that is true, ther's a stronger chance that it'll be changed a little and things will be added to it. So how about throwing in some ideas in the comments below?

If I could give Visceral Games my ideas for DS3 Multiplayer:


  • Objective Mode (Complete 5 Objectives before the timer runs out while battling Necromorphs.)
  • Elimination Mode (Work together and kill as many Necromorphs before the timer runs out and they reach Public Sector. Only AI Necromorphs. You can only play as Humans.)
  • Firefight Mode (Sort of like Elimination Mode, but you can play as Humans AND Necromorphs and whoever reaches the score limit wins. Timer included.)

If you have any ideas for MODES in the DS3 Multiplayer (If it comes out) feel feel to leave a comment below. And remember, you need to WORK TOGETHER, OR YOU DIE. And by the way, this will be my last blog, becuase I don't even know how the Human Team or the Necromorphs are going to act or look like. That or I'm just being lazy today.

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