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    This is Supertologist, and I have a serious manner to discuss with the community. On note of the recent vadalisms of Users:

    • AFriendlyNecromorph
    • EarthGov
    • Vatsa1708
    • DS2117
    • Myself
    • And possible others from before...

    I would like to call the attention of the Administration Team. Recently, (I am sure all of you, especially if your Profile was vandalized, are aware of the recent vandalisms) an anonymous Wikia Contributor (cough - PowerSeeker - cough) has vandalized many things including Profiles, Talk Pages, and Articles. And thanks to Subtank, I will not vandalize her Wiki. So to sum things all up, a once - was User by the name PowerSeeker has vandalized stuff. Now for those of you that did not know, now you have no reason to say you didn't.

    As for the main…

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  • Supertologist

    Hello guys, this is Supertologist. Recently, the Wiki has been awfully "loud". There have been fights breaking out, Users deleting their Profiles, and many more problems. When I first joined, I noticed that this Wiki was the most quietest one I've ever visited. But as I said before, it's gotten a bit "louder" than usual. Now, as I recall...

    Well, I cannot really recall anything now that I think about it...

    Anyway, my point is that things have gotten out of control. Two people were fighting about... something. Then their friends joined in and ganged up on that someone. Then... I'm sure you get the idea. The reason I am not stating what eactly happened is because:

    1. You probably already know.

    2. I don't want to start another fight, yet someone i…

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  • Supertologist

    Hey guys, once again this is Supertologist! Okay, I've been here for a few months now, and I've already grasped the concept of things, such as how editing works here, the policies, and just about everything else.

    Except for Templates.

    Now you're probably wondering, "How does this guy not know how to work Templates?"

    I do. I've read all the articles before, and I've tried to use templates before, but this is different. When I tried to use a Infobox, I would type in whatever I had to, and I would have the infobox. But when I tried to click Edit, it would just close it. I need help with the template Infobox! I'm calling to everyone, and I need help.

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  • Supertologist
    • IMPORTANT NOTICE: Captain tweed has spoken with me about Blog Spam. We need to clean up the Blog Page somehow. Do help with this dilemma and let's help make Dead Space Wiki a cleaner place. Refer to his blog for more information and help if you have any questions, and spread the word!*

    Hey guys, this is Supertologist. So I've been wondering, there is a strong chance Dead Space 3 will have Multiplayer. And if that is true, ther's a stronger chance that it'll be changed a little and things will be added to it. So how about throwing in some ideas in the comments below?

    If I could give Visceral Games my ideas for DS3 Multiplayer:


    • Objective Mode (Complete 5 Objectives before the timer runs out while battling Necromorphs.)
    • Elimination Mode (Work tog…

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  • Supertologist

    Well, hey people! This is Supertologist, and I was wondering... I just joined today, and I was thinking, what are really good ways I can contribute to the Community? Like, how are ways I can assist in things that are important? I know about editing the articles, but any other ways beside that? Supertologist 18:53, June 23, 2011 (UTC)

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