Hey everyone,

July is here and here is also another good ol' monthly update by yours truly. As you were informed last month, the administration has enabled a few namespaces to better organise the content in this wiki. We've revived Project: Logs and we welcome users to join us in this project. If you want to participate in this project, just ask us away on how to do it! Help us to help you to help everyone!

We've also started on our Portal project (no, not that game), as described in superbly great detail last month (not really). Each Portal page would have its own distinct look and layout. Once these Portal pages are done, the Main Page would undergo a slight redesign as to integrate these Portal pages.

Oh, there is also an ongoing discussion about partnering up with another fansite! You can read it here in case you haven't read it yet.

Happy editing and keep on dismembering!

Update: 06/07/12

Note: This update has been sponsored by Haege and Gorvar, Inc. Join them and get free cookies.

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