Hello everyone,

Just to inform to those unaware that Wikia will be updating the skin preferences and internal systems. The name of this new skin is Oasis and overall, the skin is pretty slick and nice to look at. However, do take note that the Administration Team has nothing to do with the increase of advertisements in the wiki. We all know they are annoying to look at; this time however, it would be worse as they are not removable by any css or hacks... unless you have adblock installed. If anything, it's all Wikia's doing. Blame them, not the Administration Team.

Additionally, Wikia has updated the editing layout/system globally and this will take effect as of October 26. Also note that by November 3, Monaco will be removed permanently and all Wikis will cease to have their own unique theme. As such, Dead Space Wiki can no longer enjoy the cool/awesome/epic/insert-cool-word-here theme that we had for almost a year. Oh, be sure to read the updated terms of use; legal stuff is legal. :O

For official announcements/informations, see the following:

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