It's that time of the year again... lack of actual wiki activity and real updates from official parties of the Dead Space franchise...

Coming this New Year:

  • Main Page redesign to celebrate the end of the world 2012!
  • Policies to be introduced and updated
  • Ease of navigation and accessibility features
  • And... that's it.

Can't really promise much since Wikia will do most of the work while I'll be tweaking them. Anyway, enjoy the fall!

Update (5th December 2011)
Forum is receiving a huge update!
  • Forum categories for "Support Requests" (wiki-editing query, policy changes, etc), "General Discussion" (discussions that has some or no relevance to the Dead Space franchise) and "The Marker" (discussions that delves with the canon of Dead Space universe).
  • Guidelines on forum usage/user behaviour
Minor update: forum is live! However, most of the old forum threads were lost in the update and will not appear properly. Apologies for the inconvenience.
More update: Chat feature is now available to this wiki. We shall be implementing the rules behind the usage soon.
Update (16th December 2011)
File:Wiki.png has been updated for monobook skin. Check it out!
Comment feature receives a visual update. You can now tell comments apart from another. :D

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