Looks like we actually have something that users can do if they feel like doing stuff rather than sitting around bored. Most of the listed articles requires some extensive summarising work (seriously, spoonfeeding is bad and can lead to obesity!) as well as some referencing. Always remember that referencing is important to identify what is canon and what is fanon.

Additionally, please avoid copying and pasting content from other websites and pasting them here, unless of course they're quotes. This wiki is here to become a reliable and credible site, not just some fan site that merely copy and paste stuff. Learn to elaborate and write about the media. Remember to use proper spelling and grammar. Make sure it flows well with the article/other sentences/tenses.

Try to beat Halopedia by making sure our articles looks more professional. With our small amount of articles, it is an easy task and the Administration Team is always around to make sure vandals and spammers will be locked out.

We've got a job here to do, people! Let's make sure they like what we did to their "stuff"!


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