Lame blog title is lame. I know.

Welcome to another monthly blog post that informs the Dead Space wiki community of important updates and what-not. First things first; if you see any wiki feature failure, i.e. images not loading properly, that's not my doing. Wikia is experiencing some problem at their end.

Secondly, how's the new Map Pack? I heard it's a neat addition and judging from Youtube videos, people are loving it. What are your thoughts?

Lastly, I've taken the opportunity to get the community more involved with the administration by submitting any page in this wiki as a featured content. The current project page can be found here, though it is somewhat unfinished. Obviously, the main purpose of this project is to improve the quality (quantity matters but as second priority) of articles in Dead Space Wiki.

What else do you think we could improve on? Shout out and share your ideas with the community! :D

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