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July, August, September and BEYOND!!

Subtank August 9, 2011 User blog:Subtank

Yay for two exclamation marks! This blog will be updated when necessary.

August 9th, 2011
Restored transparency to wiki-background. Blame Wikia.
Admin Dashboard will not be updated; Wikia is still making changes to the code. Blame Wikia.
August 19th, 2011
Wikia's Profile feature implemented wiki-wide.
Updated design; shrunk the entire box and saved about 30% space, smaller font, incorporated the Search Box into the profile design, improved colour scheme (special thanks to Noemon), tweaked a few details.
Expect a Facebook-syle Status Update feature soon. Wikia wants to compete in the social networking industry!
Added style-support for FF v3.6+ (not v4 and latest); -moz- added.
Fixed minor bugs/errors
Removed experimental pop-up remover hack
August 24th, 2011
Filed personal report to self: Profile feature not customised for those using old browser (i.e. IE8)
Forgot to mention Profile feature should support Opera, Safari and IE9+ users.
September 14th, 2011
Updated monobook skin. Wanna see how it looks like? Just click here.

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