Hey everyone! Hope you all had fun dismembering Necromorphs and collecting all those RIGs! Gotta' get 'em all, you know!

Not much administrative updates from hereon, simply because we're simply waiting for something new from Visceral. If you were lonely during Valentine's Day, join the boat with Isaac; poor him, his girlfriend is dead but still attempts to kill him even after death. :P

I'm very hyped up with the progress of this wiki. Not too long ago (December) the wiki only had 500+ articles. Now, we're nearing the 900 articles count! Keep up the good work and remember the Manual of Style! Seriously, give a pat to the back!

An editing advice to wiki-editors: it is heavily suggested that you turn off the Rich Text Editor to fully experience the actual wiki editing. It will teach you more neat and cool tricks! You can do so by going to here and remove the checkmark on "Enable Rich Text Editor". Trust me, you will like it even more. ;)

As always, happy editing!

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