Hey all,

Some might notice the new theme update (or old theme). As always, the reason behind this update is to experiment new tweaks and features as well as gaining some user feedbacks on how to improve the wiki identity.

Anyway, below are changes made to the skin/theme in Alpha Test;

  1. Article background is reverted to #252525 instead of the transparent background. Part of this is to improve render speed for users using slower connections.
  2. Removed the big Isaac Clarke in RIG image; several users mentioned some laggy interfaces when scrolling through the pages. Problem was caused by;
    1. Image size was too big. 1.2megabyte!
    2. It was set to be in fixed position. This greatly decreases render speed to some extent.
    3. Subtank for not compressing the file size. Sorry!
  3. Main Page has been set to a fixed width of 1024 pixels. For those using monitors smaller than 1024, you wouldn't notice this. For those using wider/larger monitors, expect some squishy effect.
  4. Gallery, Thumbnails as well as other past Image feature has been reverted to Dead Space theme. Part of this is to ensure atmosphere consistency (Horror! F3AR Me!)
  5. Other tweaks... but I can't remember what they are.

Update to Alpha Test (moving forward to Beta Test by end of April) will be added slowly. If you experience any problem, post it below in the comment box. Make sure to BOLD the problem. Below are the expected updates;

  1. Improving the Main Page layout by introducing new image paths (Those Image Navigation thingy that redirects you to a certain page when you click the image).
  2. Improving Did You Know? and Featured Articles template by redesigning the entire base code. If you see any interesting templates and think it would be suitable in DeadSpace Wiki, simply link it and I'll try to replicate it.

If you have any suggestion that could help this Alpha Test, post them below!


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