Hey everyone!

First of all, I apologise for not posting an alpha update report about the wiki. What you need to know about the alpha is simply updating the templates and adding minor fixage to the designs of Main Page. They are so minor, you don't actually notice it! :D

For example, the project title was once known as "Dead Space wiki:". It has been modified to "Dead Space Wiki". Minor updates that you are aware of! ;)

Anyway, this is the beta update blog, written specifically to inform everyone what DeadSpace Wiki will undergo a few alterations for the next few months. Before we move into the specifics, we should inform about the previous activities made to the wiki. Ever since we've changed to Oasis skin, the Administration Team has attempted to alter the wiki technical templates in order for them to work in Oasis from Monaco. In case you didn't know, Oasis had disabled most of the JS that we had in Monaco, for example the Recent-Changes Autoloader. Thankfully, all technical templates has successfully transitioned to comply with the conditions of Oasis skin. There are several that are lying around unaltered and may not work in the wiki. An example of a template no longer working in the wiki is the Template:Title, a template that allows you to alter the title of the article. How do I know this, one might ask? Because this blog is using the aforementioned template with the following words; "Oasis Sucks". Don't worry, we're trying to find a solution to get it fixed. :P

DeadSpace Wikia Logo

The Marker has invaded Wikia!

Now, moving on to the specifics:

  1. First and foremost, Wikia is part of the Unitology! *gasp* Notice that on the top-left corner, there is a Unitology text. Try gussing what it is. ;)
  2. Wiki Theme will change at random times. You might notice that the header and the floating bar changing colour from blue to red to pink. Don't panic; we're just playing with the colours.
  3. It has been suggested that the background feels too dark/old and might require a replacement. What do you think? New background image, or simply lighten it up a bit?
  4. Main Page is screwed up because of me. XP I was unaware of the ads on the main page, thanks to AdBlock extension available to Firefox users. Apologise for any inconvenience.
  5. The Achievement feature introduced by Wikia has some potential detriment effect. For more information, read it here! Remember to add your input about the feature.

And that's it, really. Happy editing!

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