These wiki updates from the Administration Team keeps getting less and less every month it seems... but fret not. The Administration Team hasn't been sipping tea and eating cookies.though it would be nice if we could

Anyway, the following is coming up in this month's update:

  • Improvement of community forum:
You can now propose changes to policies or even introduce new ones! This promotes transparency and allows editors to work with the Administration Team rather than for (not that they've been working for the Administration Team... but it would be awesome if that's the case). This can be done through "Forum:Community Proposal". Just make sure it's readable and make sense instead of just spouting aimless proposals. :P
  • Introduction of new namespace:
Yes, new namespace will be added to the wiki. They are as follows: Log, Community and Portal.
  • Log namespace is for Audio and Video logs. This would allow better organisation for the logs in this wiki. Expect more logs from Dead Space 3 to clutter up the system.
  • Community namespace is primarily the Community Portal. Its secondary function is to archive community-related events not solely exclusive to the wiki. It's to cover stuff like interviews with dev (especially the Interview with Steve).
  • Portal namespace is for landing page of individual games. Example, Portal: Dead Space is a landing page for Dead Space, Portal: Dead Space 2 is a landing page for Dead Space 2, etc.
  • Amendments to policies to improve wiki operation
Some minor changes to the wiki's policies. The purpose is only to clarify the wiki's role and not to add anything new. Also will be adding all relevant "Rule of Thumb" policies such as "Be Bold", "Ignore all rules", etc.

*Yes, I know fantabulest is not a word

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