Dead Space as a dumbed-down co-op shooter? You couldn't be more wrong

Stumbled across this good article after using up my third and final save on Hard Core mode in Dead Space 2.* The basic gist of the article:

  1. Drop-in, Drop-out works exactly like Dead Space 2's multiplayer in the sense that the second player can log into an existing campaign playthrough and log out when s/he calls it quits (hence, drop in and drop out). At least, that's how I interpret the author's analysis.
  2. The whole combat roll and crouching seems to be clunky and slow, and they are unlike Gears of War/Mass Effect/other cover-based games. Crouching near an object will not snap you to the object like you would in Gears of War/Mass Effect/other cover-based games. It is, however, slightly helpful against boss battles (i.e. The Nexus).
  3. As per above, cover-shooting using crouching against Unitologist soldiers is a bit of a different experience because the soldiers are bullet-sponge bipeds and they have guns (with the ability to fire with greater accuracy than Necromorphs). The Demo you see... was played on Easy (which explains why they are easy to kill)... so, imagine in Hard Core mode. :O
  4. There is no such thing as the Universal Ammo. It's simply a placeholder for the Demo.
  5. Snowy environment (obviously inspired from The Thing) works for the survival horror genre... as long as there is a blizzard (because everyone knows blizzard makes it worse).

The article does well in addressing the common concerns fans have with the demo/trailer. However, my concern of the game being more action-y and less scary/horror** is still unresolved... oh well, still be buying the game regardless. :P

For more, check out GamesRadar: Why the 'dumbed-down' action game additions you're scared of actually make it a better survival-horror.

*I kept dying in the Ishimura and reverted back all the way to the Cassini Towers. It's been almost two weeks now trying to beat the mode.
**Scripted-scare jumps still works every now and then! Even in the first Dead Space (I think I memorised every scripted jumps in that game... but the game still gets me)

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