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    Stumbled across this good article after using up my third and final save on Hard Core mode in Dead Space 2.* The basic gist of the article:

    1. Drop-in, Drop-out works exactly like Dead Space 2
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    Updating July

    July 2, 2012 by Subtank

    Hey everyone,

    July is here and here is also another good ol' monthly update by yours truly. As you were informed last month, the administration has enabled a few namespaces to better organise the content in this wiki. We've revived Project: Logs and we welcome users to join us in this project. If you want to participate in this project, just ask us away on how to do it! Help us to help you to help everyone!

    We've also started on our Portal project (no, not that game), as described in superbly great detail last month (not really). Each Portal page would have its own distinct look and layout. Once these Portal pages are done, the Main Page would undergo a slight redesign as to integrate these Portal pages.

    Oh, there is also an ongoing discussio…

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    These wiki updates from the Administration Team keeps getting less and less every month it seems... but fret not. The Administration Team hasn't been sipping tea and eating cookies.though it would be nice if we could

    Anyway, the following is coming up in this month's update:

    • Improvement of community forum:
    You can now propose changes to policies or even introduce new ones! This promotes transparency and allows editors to work with the Administration Team rather than for (not that they've been working for the Administration Team... but it would be awesome if that's the case). This can be done through "Forum:Community Proposal". Just make sure it's readable and make sense instead of just spouting aimless proposals. :P
    • Introduction of new namespa…
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    Yes, introducing the new background feature! What does it do? Essentially giving you a different background (from five available wallpapers from Project:Wallpaper) every time you refresh a page or click on a new link! And it works on most browsers with little to no issue whatsoever.

    This is made possible with javascript of course. Again, the background might load slowly for those with slower bandwidth and I believe this feature will not appear for those browsing in mobile mode or via monobook skin.

    Regardless, what do you think about it? If you think it should have more variations, just post/upload it to this wiki and we'll see what we can do. :)

    • Tiny/Minor update: go button readded to Monobook skin due to recent updates to search feature. It…
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    A special leap!

    January 31, 2012 by Subtank

    Hey everyone!

    Wiki updates rolling in in February 1st. Things are looking great offline and hopefully everything works out well in this wiki by February 2nd. Be prepared for a unique look for the main page/landing page and also great improvement on the walkthrough pages!

    On a related note, Wikia recently provided administrators access to Message Wall feature. What it does is replacing the talk page with a threaded-messaging system. My own personal opinion; they improved upon the initial version and I'm currently loving it (feel free to try it out on Community wiki). Shall we adopt it or still use the old talk page system? It's up to the community.

    p.s. Yes, that's a reference to the leap year we'll be celebrating. :)

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