Ok so I've seen a lot of complaints on the wiki about whether the Tripod should be considered an Advanced or Standard Necromoph. I've also seen some suggestions about having separate pages for the Male and Female versions, I myself thinking we should. Also there have been complaints about the Tripod picture being of the Female and not the Male, seeing as the Male is the more common version. Haegemonia has told me to ask you (the Community) what we should do, so please leave a response.

Male Tripod- encountered multiple times, generally in groups, mostly circular areas. Weak spots on its 2 arms and the tongue. Spasm after death. Dark skin with male like features, no hair and a face like the Pack. Serve as mini-bosses of sorts. 2-3 shots with a fully upgraded 211-V Plasma Cutter will cut off an arm, even on Zealot and possibly Hard Core mode (I don't know as I'm still on Zealot.) Drops moderate value loot.

Female Tripod- encountered only once in the Church of Unitology, appears from and disappears into what seems like nothingness in the Church. Only weak spot is on the the tongue, no weak spots on arms. Fate and origin generally unknown, probable death in Sprawl destruction. Pale skin with breasts, most of its hair, petite facial features, and signs of pregnancy. Serves as a mini-boss in the Church. About 30 shots from the Hand Cannon on Casual or Normal mode will make it let go of you, showing that it is EXTREMELY strong as no other weapon would be able to do such damage before running out of ammo or time. Loot is not dropped as subject is never killed.

Similar- 2-3 shots from a fully upgraded Plasma Cutter will destroy the tongue even on Zealot mode. 1 shot from the Hand Cannon or Javelin Gun on any difficulty will destroy the tongue as well. Both have 2 Brute-like arns and a back leg that is used as locomotion and lunging attacks.

I think we should create separate pages for them, Male being Standard and the Female being Advanced. Having a Male Tripod picture for the Male and vice versa for the Female. I will create the separate pages myself if needed and will work hard to make sure they're accurate. Thank you and post what you think we should do and why it would be more helpful to the wiki. Create a counter-argument for a more justifiable reasoning on your opinion and no opinion is wrong. Squattop 19:45, February 15, 2012 (UTC)

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