Ok so. Glitches are mean to me. During Dead Space (mobile) in a Zero-G jump i missed the floor and went into a black abyss behind a door. and i've also had a lurker crawl on its back WHILE ITS ON DA FLOOR. Dead Space 2, Ellie KILLED ME when you walk towards her and she shoots and says stop! if you wanna talk, you talk from there. It made me sad :( then a stomp crate was in the floor halfway and i stomped it then it shot up into the sky, not breaking...THEN i got cut in half by a decompression door, but my legs were running around shooting things. Then the Swarm killed me in one hit (guess my RIG was red.) Why are these glitches happening? What do they mean? WHAT GLITCHES HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED?!?! Squattop 01:13, February 11, 2012 (UTC)

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