Ok so i cant be the only one who gets nightmares from this game. i'll state a few:

1. Necromorphs in a forest, bloodied trees, dead children everywhere, childs' screams in the distance.

2. Me killing lurkers with a plasma cutter and a black guy. The plasma cutter didnt have alt fire though. a weezer killed the black guy.

3. (worst one. EVER.) Me on the Ishimura, leading a team of surviors, trying to find a way to survive. Half my team is dead, the other half scared shitless and bloody. We are being lead by a strange voice (who i believe to be Hammond's). I try to wake up, a door explodes and the voice announces, "You have to find another way out." then someone in my team laughs and blows their brains out.

I'm stuck in my dream now, as a necromorph onslaught heads toward my fatigued team. We are running low on ammo. My team carries a pulse rifle, a line fun, 2 plasma cutters, and a force gun. I have a pulse rifle, flamethrower, and plasma cutter. We kill the hordes and a Brute breaks through the hull on the bridge, 2 of my remaining members die of suffocation. We dont have much oxygen and everyones' RIG is at 2 bars most (orange if it were DS2.)

A line gun shot followed by pulse rifle ammo and a mine launch at the Brute. It looses a leg and then tears one of my teammates in half. I shoot off an arm with 2 shots of my line gun and then burn it with the flamethrower. It then goes and bites the head off another teammate. I shoot off its final arm, killing it and picking up a large med pack. "well done" the voice announces. i give the med pack to my teammate. his health is now almost full. we walk over to the door that opened and i wake up.

i lay awake, scared to shut my eyes. I try though, then end up back in the dream. "welcome back" the voice mockingly tells me. my teammate is dead, leaving me and one other person. We watch as Isaac takes the Marker to the planet. Then we notice somethings off, we remember the air. I find an 02 recharge but my teammate dies before we reach it. then i fell asleep...

Does this kinda stuff happen to anyone else or am i abnormal in this situation? the dreams scare me but i love them and continue playing the game. It is my life's work to do everything Dead Space :D

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