Hello everyone! I have over 400 edits on here and am celebrating with you by writing a fan-fic!!! I have invited a select few to become a character if they want in it! HOWEVER! I am in need of some starting ideas/baselines to go off of! That's where YOU as editors of this wiki come in to help!

I will be leaving this blog open to all users until April 1st, 2012 1200 Central Time. Until then, I will be accepting ANY AND ALL ideas for my fan-fic! Think you have a good idea? Would you like to add a moment of horror, sadness, madness, or comedy to someone's work of art? Here's your chance of a lifetime! I will be accepting a MAXIMUM of 10 ideas from this wiki's users! However, any ideas from the select few chosen to be characters will be looked at first. But don't fret other users, these ideas will not count as one of the ten so you're safe there!

When leaving ideas, please make sure you're signed in so I can give credit at the end of my work! Please keep vular language, sexual content, or stupid language (EX: Wazzup, im here 4 u, wat u up 2, I tAlK LiEK th!5 @lL the Tim3) to a minimum, as well as Necrobscenities! For all those who want to contribute check out the Dead Space Dictionary on either AFN's or my profile (ALL CREDIT GOES TO AFN.) If you can use the word right I will pay SPECIAL attention to that idea! And even if I don't accept you're idea, if you're idea was dialogue or just a random moment, I will possibly add it somewhere random or hint at it! Or if you're EXTRA lucky i'll create a short fan-fic just for those ideas!

EXTRA: Whoever can find the mosts appopriate places for these phrases will be included no matter what! (even if the 10 ideas are already taken! And these will be accepted at any time before fan-fic's conclusion)

  • I hear you liek mudkipz.
  • I'm trapped in a glass case of emotion!
  • I love you THIS much!/I'm gonna give you a hug THIS big!
  • Evil beware, we have waffles.

Thanks to all you users out there and happy editing! Squattop 18:52, March 12, 2012 (UTC)

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