While looking at the Corruption and the Creeper, i noticed that it looks like they are both made up of the same materials. Is it possible that they are the same creature, but the Corruption just being a more dormant version? They are both shown to have similar characteristics, as they have the same appearence and they both spread across the ship and have no limbs. Is it possible that the Creeper is just the violent stage of the Corruption, used to gather bodies so that Guardians can be formed? I think this is very possible, as no one encounters besides Altman encounters the Creeper. So is it possible that, Guardians/dead bodies + strange bio material = Corruption and no dead bodies/Guardians + strange bio material = Creeper? It is noted that Altman doesn't encounter any Guardians but encounters the Creeper, and Isaac encounters Guardians but not the Creeper. Any theories or ideas? Support of this theory that they're the same creature, just at dormant and active states, and arguments against it are welcome.

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