Ok I was playing DS2 and was being greeted by ANTI when i noticed that there are birds in cages. What the crap? And you can't kill them, or mess with their cages. Why are they there? did they come together to form some Necro? Are they pets, or company or what...? I want to know why they're there. Maybe the watchmen liked birds, because i saw that this was the only place that i saw birds in the game. Why have birds in a restricted area? This strikes my curiosity...where would they get bird food, do they make it? Or are the really holograms? That could explain why you cant kill them. They dont seem to make any noise either, or react to their surroundings. Maybe they just weren't meant to be interacted with. Any ideas about why these birds are here, or what their purpose could be? Squattop 15:46, January 19, 2012 (UTC)

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