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  • Squattop

    I noticed something in one of the logs to Dr. Cross in Chapter 6 of Dead Space. Here it is:

    No doubt you're aware of the organic growth found in some parts of the ship. I've been examining the substance and thought the results would interest you.

    The cells most clearly resemble bacteria, with viral behavior. Like bacteria, the organism infects other cells through osmosis, then mutates and reproduces agamogenetically.

    What's amazing is the SPEED at which it grows. A single bacterium reproduces twenty-fold in just one minute. I've never seen anything like it. I won't stake my reputation on it, but I think this may be a genuine alien lifeform!

    Prof. Hawley theorizes that it's a habitat transformer -- the levels of gaseous output are tremendous, wh…

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  • Squattop

    They're Here!!!

    March 30, 2012 by Squattop

    Ok guys the time for my fan-fic is coming!!! I'm already halfway done with the rough draft so you better get those ideas in if you wanna see em!

    The fan-fic is going to be 12 chapters like (just like the original Dead Space) and is set during DS2 times. The story follows the adventures of a young man named Orion Shade and his friends (most of which are the characters created by you!) as they try and stay alive during the Necromorph outbreak!

    Hidden meanings? You bet. The Chapters spell out WILL YOU EAT ME.

    Does anyone have any questions about production, release date, or etc about the fac fic?

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  • Squattop

    IT's OVER 400!!!

    March 12, 2012 by Squattop

    Hello everyone! I have over 400 edits on here and am celebrating with you by writing a fan-fic!!! I have invited a select few to become a character if they want in it! HOWEVER! I am in need of some starting ideas/baselines to go off of! That's where YOU as editors of this wiki come in to help!

    I will be leaving this blog open to all users until April 1st, 2012 1200 Central Time. Until then, I will be accepting ANY AND ALL ideas for my fan-fic! Think you have a good idea? Would you like to add a moment of horror, sadness, madness, or comedy to someone's work of art? Here's your chance of a lifetime! I will be accepting a MAXIMUM of 10 ideas from this wiki's users! However, any ideas from the select few chosen to be characters will be looked …

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  • Squattop

    ok so heres my idea for DS3:

    I like the idea of no people. Imagine Ellie and Isaac are fired upon an EarthGov ship, which then accidently gets hit by shrapnel and explodes. They crash land on Earth and Ellie has been severely injured. Isaac must now journey out to find help for Ellie, but cannot seem to find anyone for miles. Instead he finds a bunch of empty, destroyed, bloody stores. For miles Isaac is haunted by Necromorph calls, thinking it is only his dementia and insanity still haunting him.

    Chapter 1 could all be about Isaac get Med Packs for Ellie, only to discover to his horror that she's disappeared. Isaac wanders through cities in Chapter 2 looking for Ellie, finding clues along the way, still hearing calls but not seeing anyone o…

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  • Squattop

    Ok so news is getting around about a Dead Space live action movie coming out 2013-14, but the question remains: Will it be any good? Well, we'll just have to wait to see that. But for now...why not comment about what you'd like the story line to be and who you'd like to play what characters?


    Scene 1: A short opening about what happened on Aegis 7 before the USG Kellion arrived, ending with the transmission sent out by Alyssa Vincent and the arrival of the Kellion.

    Scene 2: The Kellion arrives, they move to where Isaac must check on the ship's damage report. The Necromorphs attack, leaving everyone paniced. Isaac runs for his life and finds a Plasma Cutter. Having no other tool available, he picks it up. He then gets in communication wi…

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