Hello Dead Space Wikia-Goers!

This is my first BLOG POST on the Dead Space Wiki community, so I'd like to open by saying thank-you to the contributers and the administrators for taking the time to list the plethora of information available on this wiki.

Before Dead Space came out, I watched the dev-diaries over my XBOX and became familiar with some of the faces of the staff behind the game, noteably Schofield, the game's executive producer. When I played Dead Space for the first time and I saw his name in the opening credits as an actor, I kept an ear out to try and figure out who it was he played, as I was fairly familiar with his voice at this point and I always try to listen out for familiar voices. I realized shortly after the opening sequence that the ill-fated Johnson bore a strong resemblance to him (at least, in my mind) but didn't sound anything like him. Strangely enough, I noticed that he's not listed as a voice-actor in the end credits.

Just been informed that the opening credits only listed the developers of the game and rewatched the opening seqence; an embarrassing oversight on my part but I still believe my question can still have speculative value.

Compared to Gunner Wright's Isaac Clarke (and I'm not dissin' at all) "Classic" Isaac had a deeper and fairly projective voice, and ever since the first time I pulled RB while standing over one of those gleefully smashable green crates, I became convinced that Schofield had in fact voiced Isaac Clarke. (I'd like to add how I appreciate the way Gunner mannaged to mimick Classic Isaac's screams and cries fairly closely, as it was the only time during Dead Space that we heard Classic Isaac vocalize. I mean, come on, his screams are about as signature as the Level 3 Suit.)

I've looked over this site's profile of Isaac Clarke and can find no reference to who it was that voiced Clarke's signature screams and grunts in Dead Space, only Gunner Wright in Dead Space 2 is credited for ever playing him.

Does anyone know who voiced Isaac in Dead Space? If not, do you agree with my theory that it was Schofield?

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