• Sniperteam82308

    Dead Space 2

    February 4, 2011 by Sniperteam82308

    Well I have proudly comepleted Dead Space 2 and I want to know what everyones favorite and most hated parts of the game. My favorite part was the convergence it just looked so cool. And then there were so many Ubermorphs or were they advanced forms. All I know is I ran away. My least favorite part was the Tormentor fights. It was pretty much a QTE not a real boss fight and you only got to shoot a missle to kill it. Now imagine it without the QTE. Holy shit that could have been awesome. So whats everyone else's favorite and least favorite parts?

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  • Sniperteam82308

    My Necromorphs.

    February 3, 2011 by Sniperteam82308

    I have made a few necromorphs up. I want to know what everyone thinks of them. I know Mrgod likes the electromorph but not the other two but I want to see what else. Also I am thinking of instead of continueing My Dead Space 2 since its out(would someone delete it) I want to make another one about someone other than Isaac. Well here are the necros.

    The powermorph. This would have been good in Dead Space 2. It is a necromorph that has the ability to control other necromorphs. It covers the power core of The Sprawl. After you beat its mini army. It will attack you. It can regenerate due to it feeding off the electricity. You have to destroy parts of it and to finish it off you have to turn up the electricity so it electrocutes the necromorph …

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  • Sniperteam82308

    My Dead Space 2

    December 20, 2010 by Sniperteam82308

    Well first off this is my first Dead Space fanfiction and I hope to have it finished by Dead Space 2 and that I will upload a paragraph at least once a day. Also I will be adding features to technology that either wasn't used or wasn't put in in Dead Space like a video recorder in the RIG suits(I don't think they have them). Well hope you enjoy and if you have a title something I am not good with I might take it as the title. Oh and it will be told in a third person PoV.

    A week. Thats how long he have been drifting in this dark desolet pod. A week since his worst nightmare was realized and then replaced by what had happened. And a week since Nicole died. Suicide. Before when he had just left Aegis 7 he couldn't bare myself to watch but now,…

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